Site Update – Worm Farming and the Compost Collective!

Hello world!

I am writing here to say that I have been working on lots of exciting things, have gathered so much information and will be sharing more in the digital realm. There is so much uncertainty in the world these days, now is the time to work on things ourselves, help each other and the environment in the process.

With that in mind there are so many different topics and projects to look forward to, such as…

Dining Table I made with no plans in a day. Decorated by my ever-delightful apprentice.
  • How to live in the desert
    • How to survive a snowstorm
  • Skateboard making
    • More-efficient knife making
  • Jigsaw puzzles
    • Tabletop game boards
  • Baking
    • Permaculture + gardening
  • Furniture making – chairs, tables
    • Wall + desk sculptures
  • Soldering DIY Electronics

Worm Composting; I am starting a Composting Collective.

Here people can pledge an amount to help fund a portion of the worm farm I am currently undertaking, but for their own benefit as well.

Join in on the worm farm !

A little on worms. Certain earthworms, or red worms are known to live closer to the surface and are easy to raise at home or a commercial facility. The castings of these creatures are high in Nitrogen, Potassium, and Phosphorus. (NPK) These elements are important to the soil in far too many ways for words but adding a small bit is known to turn around the most barren of backyard soils.

We are all working towards a common goal.

Collective Worm Farm Partnership

$100 – This amount will lease a fully growing worm farm of 2,000 worms. This will generate a substantial amount of compost, worms and tea.

Watch those profits soar high as a crow.

More worms equals more castings which is what brings me here today.

There is also the option to wait until late fall to see what happens but those prices may not be as gratuitous as this initial offering, I will run out of space soon. I have room for maybe 4-5 more farm spaces on top of my first offering.

You will be allotted to your own batches of worm compost when they are ready along with 50% of any profits made from the selling off of your worms, compost and compost tea while I take care of the worm farming for the other 50%. A modest proposal.

Let us not reach this point.

These batches will be labeled in some interesting manner, as each patron’s farm will be different. I will use this as a chance to experiment and try out different places to house the worms, different bedding materials, etc.

By using these methods of control, some batches will be better suited for higher nutrient contents, or whatever may end up is all unknown. There is still much to be learned. The good news is things will compost regardless so there will always be some end product.

0 days since the last accident.

I do ask for patience as I grow this exciting venture from the ground up.

There is an inherent risk, as with all things, of the worms going under. I am ensuring their safety by only purchasing the highest quality worms on the market and researching fully as well as getting support from other worm farmers.

You can drop out at any time. Although, I am unsure why someone would want to drop out. Note, you aren’t technically obligated to do anything after your pledge, the worms do all the work and we reap the rewards!

Spreading the word, will be your only duty.

Contact me to learn more

Somewhere in the mountains of Northern California…

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Summer Update!

Hello friends, lots of things have happened since we last spoke.

The most important thing being…I have a workshop!!

With the space I desire, I have been able to craft much more attractive yet highly functional spoons, on top of other things like book readers, pendants, keychains, and even smoking pipes.

Ash with kolrosing and chip-carving

Spoons from English Walnut, Spalted Ficus and Ash

Spoons from Ash and Honey Locust

Spoons from Ash and Honey Locust